Posted: Jun 7, 2021

Housing Retention Specialist

Lifting Up Westchester - White Plains, NY
Salary: $45,000.00 Annually
Application Deadline: Jul 12, 2021

SUMMARY:  The Housing Retention Specialist is a critical member of the Supportive Services team of Lifting Up Westchester who assist men and women living in shelters or unsheltered situations, within Westchester County, to find reasonable housing they can afford.  The Housing Retention Specialist will provide services central to a client’s ability to retain housing and decrease the likelihood of returning to streets/shelter.  The Housing Retention Specialist will provide: a budget assessment, locate reasonable housing based on income, and assist with documentation needed to secure ongoing housing subsidy.  Once housed, the Housing Retention Specialist will work with each client to develop a treatment plan targeting short- and long-term goals and life skills.  Services include: Activities of Daily Living (ADL) skills training, budgeting, educational/vocational referrals, mental health/medical referrals, etc.  The Housing Retention Specialist continues to support each client for up to one year depending on the level of need.



  • Screen all clients who are referred by shelter case managers/outreach workers.
  • Create both a pre and post housing plan for client once accepted.
  • Examine client’s income and expenses in order to refer to a housing setting that best suits the client’s current budget.
  • Coordinate with landlords on rental amounts, length of lease, and rules connected to the housing facility.
  • Assist with completing all paperwork for referred housing and support the client throughout the process.
  • Be an ongoing advocate for the client in order to create a path for the client’s ongoing care.
  • Support each housed client for a period of six months to one year.
  • Enter client’s intake/exit information as well as all subsequent case notes into HMIS.
  • Maintain a physical file for each client assigned to a case load.
  • Maintain a caseload of at least 25 clients at a time.



  1. Minimum of 4 years’ experience providing direct services for the street/sheltered homeless populations. Bachelor’s Degree in related field required. 
  2. Previous experience working with the Westchester Country Department of Social Services’ Homeless Services Department.
  3. Candidate must possess strong organizational/interpersonal skills.
  4. Basic computer skills including Word, Excel and data entry required. Experience with HMIS (Homeless Management Information System) to ensure proper tracking and imputing of client information a plus.
  5. Must be able to create and form ongoing relationships with numerous landlords and brokers to ensure reliable referrals for housing.
  6. Willing and able to visit and inspect living quarters, climb stairs, drive clients to appointments in company vehicle.
  7. Valid Driver’s license required.

Email your letter of interest and resume to Danielle Ahmed at [email protected]


The above is intended to describe the essential job functions, the general supplemental functions and the essential requirements for the performance of this job.  It is not considered as an exhaustive statement of all supplemental duties, responsibilities, or nonessential requirements.